Thursday Night League Winter 2022 Grand Finals

The finals of the Winter 2022 season were held last night.

In the A League Final Benchwarmers took on Super 6 in a repeat of last season’s final whilst Servz U Right and Charlie’s Angels battled it out for the B League title.

After a very closely competed game Benchies came out victorious in the A League 2 sets to 1 and congratulations to Servz U Right who took the B League honours 2-0.

BENCHIES ARE BACK!! (Sorry, author is biased 😊)

In the 3rd place playoffs, Backcourt Liberos beat Timeout on a Golden Point to take A League 3rd place and Tigers beat Imperial 2-0 for 3rd place in the B League.

A League Winners – Benchies
B League Winners – Servz U Right