Tempe Volleyball league rules & info:
Season Fees
Team fees have increased post the major courts renovation at the RWSC in Sep 2023
Duty Teams:
Please note that 5 people are required for duty.
1st Ref, 2nd Ref, Scorer & 2x Lines People  
Match Schedule:
First matches to start 0800pm & finish at 0900pm
0800 to 0805pm: Duty team 5 minutes to set up
0805 to 0815pm: 10 minutes warm up
0815 to 0900pm: 45 minutes play time
Next matches to start at 0900pm & finish at 0955pm:
0900 to 0910pm: 10 minutes warm up
0910 to 0955pm: 45 minutes play time
0955 to 1000pm: Duty team 5 minutes to pack up
Duty team to do the coin toss during warm ups
W=3 points, D=2 points & L=1 point
At the end of the season we will reserve the right to promote (to Div A), the Div B winners and
demote (to Div B), the last placed team in Div A.