Q1 2020 Tempe Volleyball league rules & info:
Season Fees
Team fees have increased to $600 per team from season 1, 2020.
Reason being is that our hire rates have gone up since last year, so unfortunately, we had no choice
but to pass on the increase from this year.
However, as a good will gesture, if you choose to enter your team in the upcoming Tempe Cup One
Day Tournament (Sat 15 Feb), we will waive $50 from this season’s entry fees.
Tempe Cup One Day Tournament
Entry fees $300 per team.
Female Players
At a minimum, one female player is required for all teams to be able to participate in this league. 
Duty Teams:
Please note that 5 people are required for duty.
If late for duty or if matches are not started on time (refer below to Match Schedule) a warning will
be given to first offenders, thereafter a point will be deducted from the overall team points tally for
repeat offenders.
Match Schedule:
First matches to start 0800pm & finish at 0900pm
0800 to 0805pm: Duty team 5 minutes to set up
0805 to 0815pm: 10 minutes warm up
0815 to 0900pm: 45 minutes play time
Next matches to start at 0900pm & finish at 0955pm:
0900 to 0910pm: 10 minutes warm up
0910 to 0955pm: 45 minutes play time
0955 to 1000pm: Duty team 5 minutes to pack up
Duty team to do the coin toss during warm ups
W=3 points, D=2 points & L=1 point
At the end of the season we will reserve the right to promote (to Div A), the Div B winners and
demote (to Div B), the last placed team in Div A.