Terms & Conditions of returning to Robyn Webster during the COVID-19 Pandemic (February 2022)

By booking into a session at Robyn Webster Sports Centre (‘RWSC’) or by entering the premises, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • It will be a requirement of entry for you to have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccination (i.e. be fully vaccinated) or have a COVID-19 vaccine medical contraindication (medical exemption) from a registered medical practitioner or have a negative COVID test within three days prior or a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) taken on the same day. If you are not fully vaccinated and attending on multiple days in a week, you must have a negative same-day RAT or negative PCR every three days.
  • You will need to display your proof of full vaccination*, or medical exemption, or test to our staff as requested.
  • To your knowledge, you have not been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • You do not have flu-like symptoms.
  • You acknowledge the risk of attending the RWSC.
  • You agree your name and number used in the online booking may be used for the purpose of contact tracing should SUSF discover a positive test for COVID-19 and may be given to NSW Health, if required.
  • That the maximum number of participants in each premises will be in line with current Government recommendations, with numbers in each individual area at the absolute discretion of SUSF.
  • You will inform SUSF as soon as possible (via SUSF staff, your coach, trainer or legal@sport.usyd.edu.au) should you test positive for COVID-19.
  • Members should not “mingle or hang around” facilities such as showers.
  • You will adhere to your allocated booked session.
  • That equipment and / or stations have been appropriately separated and you must adhere to this distance.
  • If requested by an SUSF representative, you agree to have your temperature tested.

You are further advised to:

  • Wash/sterilise your hands before and after you enter the premises.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Not to share water bottles and bring your own full bottle.
  • Keep your distance (1.5m) from other people in the premises and on campus.
  • Arrive dressed in your necessary workout gear.
  • Please remember to bring a towel.

*vaccine certificates may need to be sighted at each visit (not stored or collected) and this information of
vaccination status will only be used in line with SUSF’s Privacy Policy