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Monday Results

DateMatchResultsMatch Day
What’s The Rotation vs Ricky Dicky Dooda Grimes1
The Small Towels vs Rrrrrgh1
Ricky Dicky Dooda Grimes vs Filthy Casual1
What’s The Rotation vs Latin Lovers1
Serves You Right vs Mixers1
Super Six vs Getting Diggy1
Benchwarmers vs Sweaty Penguins1
Tempe VB Juniors vs Kiss My Ace1
Getting Diggy vs KBU1
Super Six vs Timeout1
MNL B League 3rd Place Playoff Tigers (3rd) vs Coming4U (4th) - Duty Loser GF-
MNL A League 3rd Place Playoff Oli's Slaves (3rd) vs Getting Diggy (4th) - Duty Loser GF-
MNL A League Grand Final Volley Llamas (1st) vs Timeout (2nd) - Duty Getting Diggy (4th)-
MNL B League Grand Final Vollocity (1st) vs SteelBalls (2nd) - Duty Coming4U (4th)-
Bye - Coming4U9
Vollocity vs SteelBalls9
Volley Llamas vs Timeout9
Kiss My Ace vs Tigers9
Getting Diggy vs Oli's Slaves9
Bye - Kiss My Ace8
SteelBalls vs Coming4U8
Volley Llamas vs Oli's Slaves8
Vollocity vs Tigers8
Getting Diggy vs Timeout8
Bye - Tigers7
Vollocity vs Coming4U7
Timeout vs Oli's Slaves7
SteelBalls vs Kiss My Ace7
Volley Llamas vs Getting Diggy7
FNL 3rd Place Playoff - Hoy Hoy Hoy (3rd) vs Oni Fans (4th) - Duty Loser GF-
FNL Grand Final - Vollocity (1st) vs Rrrrrgh (2nd) - Duty Oni Fans (4th)-
Byes - All A League - Getting Diggy, Oli's Slaves, Timeout, Volley Llamas6
Tigers vs Coming4U6
Vollocity vs Kiss My Ace6
Kiss My Ace vs Coming4U6
SteelBalls vs Tigers6
Oni Fans vs Rrrrrrgh7
Vollocity vs Volociraptors7
Mike Rizzowski vs Hoy Hoy Hoy7
SteelBalls vs Tigers5
Getting Diggy vs Timeout5
Kiss My Ace vs Coming4U5
Volley Llamas vs Oli's Slaves5
Rrrrrrgh vs Volociraptors6
Mike Rizzowski vs Oni Fans6
Hoy Hoy Hoy vs Vollocity6
Bye - SteelBalls4
Vollocity vs Kiss My Ace4
Timeout vs Oli's Slaves4
Tigers vs Coming4U4
Volley Llamas vs Getting Diggy4
Hoy Hoy Hoy vs Rrrrrrgh5
Mike Rizzowski vs Vollocity5
Oni Fans vs Volociraptors5
Bye - Kiss My Ace3
SteelBalls vs Coming4U3
Volley Llamas vs Timeout3
Vollocity vs Tigers3
Getting Diggy vs Oli's Slaves3
Volociraptors vs Hoy Hoy Hoy4
Vollocity vs Oni Fans4
Rrrrrrgh vs Mike Rizzowski4
Bye - Tigers2
Vollocity vs Coming4U2
Volley Llamas vs Oli's Slaves2
SteelBalls vs Kiss My Ace2
Getting Diggy vs Timeout2
Mike Rizzowski vs Volociraptors3
Oni Fans vs Hoy Hoy Hoy3
Vollocity vs Rrrrrrgh3
Bye - Coming4U1
Kiss My Ace vs Tigers1
Volley Llamas vs Getting Diggy1
Vollocity vs SteelBalls1
Timeout vs Oli's Slaves1
Volociraptors vs Vollocity2
Hoy Hoy Hoy vs Mike Rizzowski2
Rrrrrrgh vs Oni Fans2
Oni Fans vs Mike Rizzowski1
Volociraptors vs Rrrrrrgh1
Vollocity vs Hoy Hoy Hoy1