MNL Results

MNL Results Q1 2023

DateMatchResultsMatch Day
Vollocity vs Balls of Steel1
Volley GPT vs Serves Of Steel1
Digletts vs Employees1
Team A vs Manna1
Digletts vs Balls of Steel2
Vollocity vs Team A2
Volley GPT vs Employees2
Byes - Manna & Serves Of Steel2
Team A vs Volley GPT3
Employees vs Manna3
Balls of Steel vs Serves Of Steel3
Vollocity vs Digletts3
Vollocity vs Serves Of Steel4
Employees vs Team A4
Digletts vs Manna4
Byes - Volley GPT & Balls Of Steel4
Digletts vs Volley GPT5
Team A vs Serves Of Steel5
Vollocity vs Manna5
Balls of Steel vs Employees5
Vollocity vs Employees6
Manna vs Serves Of Steel6
Balls of Steel vs Volley GPT6
Byes - Digletts & Team A6
Manna vs Team A7
Digletts vs Vollocity7
Employees vs Balls of Steel7
Volley GPT vs Serves Of Steel7
Manna vs Volley GPT8
Digletts vs Serves Of Steel8
Balls of Steel vs Team A8
Employees vs Serves Of Steel9
Balls of Steel vs Manna9
Vollocity vs Volley GPT9
Digletts vs Team A9
Grand Final - Manna (1st) vs Team A (2nd) - Duty Balls of Steel (4th)-
3rd Place Playoff - Vollocity (3rd) vs Balls of Steel (4th) - Duty Loser GF-