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Feb-Aug “COVID” Season Finals

At the end of a very, very long season the finals were held last night with The Benchwarmers taking on KBU in the A League and Gold Diggers vs Temperoos for the B League.

Well done to the Benchwarmers who took home the A League Title and to the Temperoos who won the B League Final.

Benchies Winners 2020 Autumn/Winter “COVID“ Season A League
Temperoos Winners 2020 Autumn/Winter “COVID“ Season B League

In the 3rd place playoffs, Super 6 beat Wasps to take A League 3rd place and Mixers beat VolleyballZ for 3rd place in the B League.

Spring Season

Spring Season 2020

Entries are now open for the Spring Season (15 weeks instead of the usual 10). Existing teams, please contact us by Wednesday 29th July latest if you are planning to return or not otherwise we will not be able to guarantee a spot for you in the league.

Even if you are planning to come back but don’t have a full team or as an individual, please let us know.

New team entries and individual players are also welcome.

Please email us at or or phone Michael on 0414911544

Resumption of the 2020 Summer Competition on 2nd July 2020.

Resumption of the 2020 Summer Competition on 2nd July 2020.

In regards to what we are doing with the season, here’s what’s been decided:

-We will continue with the season, meaning, no extra Fees are required at this stage and Round 5 of the season will be on Thursday 2 July and will play out the 10 week season as per previous schedule.

If there are any issues Re player numbers availability for your teams, during the remainder of this season, we will be happy to help just let us know early.

-Our following season will run for approx 15 weeks instead of the normal 10 weeks.
And as a show of loyalty from us, we will be keeping the team fees cost at $600 per team but these fees will need to be paid before or on Rego Night latest (date tbc) for discount to be applied.


Will also be having our Tempe Cup one day tournament in Dec (exact date tbc) and as previously mentioned a discount of $50 will apply if you enter a tempe team. (250 instead of 300).

Thank you for your patience and see you on Thu 2/7.

Terms and conditions for returning to Robyn Webster Sports Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Terms and conditions for returning to Robyn Webster Sports Centre during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By booking into a session at Robyn Webster Sports Centre, or by entering the premises, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

• To your knowledge, you have not been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
• You do not have flu-like symptoms.
• You acknowledge the risk of attending the Robyn Webster Sports Centre.
• You agree your name and number used in the online booking may be used for the purpose of contact tracing should SUSF discover a positive test for COVID-19 and may be given to NSW Health, if required.
• That the maximum number of participants in each premises will be in line with current NSW Government recommendations, with numbers in each individual area at the absolute discretion of SUSF.
• You will inform SUSF as soon as possible (via SUSF staff, your coach, trainer or should you test positive for COVID-19.
• Facilities such as showers are not available at this time.
• You will adhere to your allocated booked session, and understand that you will not be able to be within the premises nor be present at any other booked session at any other time (e.g. staying to watch other sessions and that your booked timeframe includes entering and exiting the facility; i.e. you may have less time to train than your total allocated session).
• That equipment and / or stations have been appropriately separated and you must adhere to this distance.
• If requested by an SUSF representative, you agree to have your temperature tested.

You are further advised to:
• Download the COVID-safe App.
• Wash/sterilise your hands before and after you enter the premises.
• Avoid touching your face.
• Not to share water bottles and bring your own full bottle.
• Keep your distance (1.5m) from other people in the premises.
• Arrive for your allocated booked sessions ready and dressed in your necessary workout gear.
• Bring your own towel, SUSF will not be providing towels during this time.