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League A Results

DateMatchResultsMatch Day
Byes - Blockbusters and Benchies-
Timeout vs Mikasa Tucasa9
No Gaps vs Super Six9
Mikasa Tucasa vs Super Six8
Blockbusters vs Benchwarmers8
No Gaps vs Benchwarmers8
Timeout vs Blockbusters8
Byes - Timeout and Super Six-
Benchwarmers vs Mikasa Tucasa7
Blockbusters vs No Gaps7
Byes - Blockbusters and Benchies-
No Gaps vs Mikasa Tucasa6
Timeout vs Super Six6
Blockbusters vs Super Six5
Timeout vs Benchwarmers5
Benchwarmers vs Super Six4
No Gaps vs Mikasa Tucasa4
Timeout vs No Gaps4
Blockbusters vs Mikasa Tucasa4
Byes - Blockbusters and Benchies-
Timeout vs Mikasa Tucasa3
No Gaps vs Super Six3
Byes - Mikasa Tucasa and Super Six-
No Gaps vs Benchwarmers2
Timeout vs Blockbusters2
Byes - Timeout and No Gaps-
Blockbusters vs Benchwarmers1
Mikasa Tucasa vs Super Six1