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League A Results

DateMatchResultsMatch Day
Byes - Blockbusters and Benchies-
Timeout vs Mikasa Tucasa9
No Gaps vs Super Six9
Mikasa Tucasa vs Super Six8
Blockbusters vs Benchwarmers8
No Gaps vs Benchwarmers8
Timeout vs Blockbusters8
Byes - Timeout and Super Six-
Benchwarmers vs Mikasa Tucasa7
Blockbusters vs No Gaps7
Byes - Blockbusters and Benchies-
No Gaps vs Mikasa Tucasa6
Timeout vs Super Six6
Byes - No Gaps and Mikasa Tucasa-
Blockbusters vs Super Six5
Timeout vs Benchwarmers5
Benchwarmers vs Super Six4
No Gaps vs Mikasa Tucasa4
Timeout vs No Gaps4
Blockbusters vs Mikasa Tucasa4
Byes - Blockbusters and Benchies-
Timeout vs Mikasa Tucasa3
No Gaps vs Super Six3
Byes - Mikasa Tucasa and Super Six-
No Gaps vs Benchwarmers2
Timeout vs Blockbusters2
Byes - Timeout and No Gaps-
Blockbusters vs Benchwarmers1
Mikasa Tucasa vs Super Six1