Junior Development Program (JDP) Volleyjoeys Session Booking

PLEASE NOTE – Unfortunately, due to court hire and coaching costs, we are not able to offer rainchecks or refunds if you are not able to attend pre-paid sessions.

Mandatory Rego Requirement

Additionally all participants must be registered with VBNSW Silver membership minimum @ $15 per annum for under 18s. Gold U18 membership @ $45 is required if also taking part in competitions. Register here

If already a member of VBNSW via another club, please click “Renew” on the provided registration link and fill out the details as requested in order to add Syd Uni (USYD) to your profile.


You can use AKV, we will need you to provide:

  • Your voucher number
  • Dob
  • Exact name spelt on voucher

AND PLEASE NOTE, Vouchers must be unused or not processed elsewhere or prior, otherwise you will have to pay up the owed fees if the voucher bounces.


-PayID can be used instead of a BSB and account number to make quicker online payments.

-Firstly, you will need to save the relevant mobile number to your phone prior to using PAYID.

How to send money with PayID

  1. Open your bank’s app.
  2. Select ‘Pay someone‘ from the homepage. If the recipient’s PayID is a mobile number, select it to transfer. 

  3. Enter the amount you want to pay and a description (reference as son or daughter’s name) in the field.
  4. Confirm your payment.