Tempe VB is aware of concerns regarding the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the quickly evolving advice.

As a precautionary measure to protect our community we will continue to follow the advice from NSW Department of Health and Education listed below, correct as at 11:30am March 13th, 2020.

Current advice from the NSW Government:GroupList

  • Any student or staff member (or in our case, player) who has been in, departed from, or transited through the following countries is excluded from child care services, school or work for 14 days from the date they left the country:
    • mainland China – since 1 February
    • Iran – since 1 March
    • the Republic of Korea (South Korea) – since 5 March.
    • Italy – since 11 March
  • Any confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded until they are medically cleared to return.
  • Close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded for 14 days since last contact with the confirmed case.
  • Students and staff who have returned to Australia and have shown no symptoms during the 14-day home-isolation period are able to return to school or work, or in our case, volleyball.

Please stay home from volleyball if you have flu like symptoms, regardless of whether you have recent contact with a confirmed case and please call your health professional for advice on whether you should be tested.

Further advice on protecting yourself from Covid- 19 is available on the NSW health website –

If you would like further information regarding Covid-19, please visit the NSW Health website which provides regular updates.…/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov

If this advice will leave your team short of players please get in touch and we will do our best to help you find temporary replacements.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration of others.